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Why Can't You Put Plasterboard in a Skip?

We often get calls from customers who have previously booked a skip, but have later found out that they cannot put plasterboard in it, so need to find someone else to take their DIY waste for them.

We understand that this is a massive headache for DIY enthusiasts as disposing of your plasterboard is not straight forward. So, why cant you put your plasterboard in a skip and what can you do with it instead?

The issue with plasterboard is that it contains high levels of sulphates due to its gypsum content. When the gypsum is disposed of along with general waste, it may react to create hydrogen sulphide.

Hydrogen sulphide is not only poisonous but also corrosive and has the ability to cause fires and explode. Because of this, no-one wants plasterboard in a skip sat on a homeowners driveway or taken to a waste transfer station.

Some skip companies are able to supply you with a plasterboard only skip that has a lockable cover to prevent anything being mixed with the plasterboard, but this can often be very expensive especially if you already need a skip for mixed general waste too.

But with Yorjunk's rubbish removal service we are able to segregate all your bagged plasterboard and take it away in the same collection as your mixed waste. The plasterboard then gets treated safely at the waste transfer station.

If you have plasterboard or any general rubbish or junk you need removing, just send a picture of what you need removing to our business WhatsApp 07388 803 099 or email to info@yorjunk.co.uk or call us on 01603 60 40 11.