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What you can't put into a skip and what you can do instead!

Most customers, when booking a skip, assume that you can put anything into one but that's not the case. There is actually a surprisingly long list of items that will not be accepted when your skip is collected and it's worth knowing about them before you book.

Can You Put Plasterboard/Mix In A Skip?

No, see our post https://www.yorjunk.co.uk/post/why-can-t-you-put-plasterboard-in-a-skip which explains why.

Can You Put Electrical Equipment And Appliances In A Skip?

Items such as T.V's, monitors, microwaves, electric cookers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, phones, computers etc cannot be put into skips as they are classed as hazardous waste and must be kept separate from general waste.

Can you put a mattress in a skip?

No, skip companies will not allow a mattress to be placed in a skip due to its bulkiness that poses a transportation threat.

Can You Put Fluorescent Bulbs In A Skip?

No, fluorescent bulbs contain harmful mercury and cannot be put in a skip.

Can You Put Batteries In A Skip?

No, batteries are full of harmful chemicals like lead and can cause explosions and fires when transferred with other waste and compressed at a waste transfer stations.

Can You Put Tyres In A Skip?

No, you cannot put old tyres into a skip a the process of recycling them is not something a skip company will usually undertake.

Can You Put Fuel, Solvents, And Paints In A Skip?

No, all these items have to be treated prior to disposal which is something skip companies do not usually offer.

So, if you were booking a skip and have any of the prohibited items above that you wish to dispose of you may wish to rethinking your booking. Fortunately, Yorjunk's Man and Van rubbish removal service can load and safely dispose of all the items in the list above as we are able to segregate and safely transport these items when loading into our vehicles.

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