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'Tis the season to recycle!

It's December 1st so we can officially say "Happy Christmas" everyone! Whilst we all at Yorjunk love the Christmas season, we are very much aware of the waste that we will be asked to come and collect from overflowing bins in January. We wanted to share our top 5 tips on how you can have a more Eco-friendly, sustainable Christmas this year!

1. Buy a reusable Christmas tree. We know, everyone LOVES the experience of going and picking your very own real Christmas tree, its great but did you know that 7 million Christmas trees are discarded every year. Where do they go? Usually landfill because Christmas trees do not compost well. What can you do instead? Choose a reusable one and use it every year!

2. Ditch the wrapping paper. You either love or loath wrapping up presents. If you hate wrapping presents, this tip is for you! Wrapping paper results in 108 million rolls of wrapping paper being binned each year. Instead, buy reusable stockings that can be handed out (notonthehighstreet.com do some lovely personalised ones). Not only does this save wrapping paper being sent to landfill but could also save you time and your sanity!

3. Send e-cards. This year, we are being asked not to write and handout cards to our friends and families, whilst this is a traditional that we all love, its not great for the environment, with 1 Billion Christmas cards being put in the bin! This year it's time to embrace the e-card and ditch the Christmas cards.

4. Use your leftovers. We all love a big Christmas feast but did you know that every Christmas 2 million turkeys, 5 million Christmas puddings and 74 million mince pieces get disposed of while still edible! Before you pile the trolley with all the food, really ask yourself, "are we going to eat this?" It's a great idea to plan ahead of what to do with leftovers, this website has some great receipts for Christmas leftovers - www.bbcgoodfood.com.

5. Buy and use rechargeable batteries. Our last blog post covered this issues with zombie batteries reeking havoc at recycling plants but the festive period creates even more issues with batteries. 189 million batteries are binned over Christmas! If you can change to rechargeable batteries, its a great Eco-friendly swap and also means you will never have to run to the petrol station last minute searching for batteries!

We hope these tips are useful and please feel free to share!

Merry Christmas


The Yorjunk Team