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Tips To Make Decluttering Your Kitchen Easy!

Pretty much the number 1 New Year Resolution for all of us is to improve our diet, especially after enjoying all the Christmas treats in December. But did you know the mess and clutter in your kitchen could be the reason that so many of us struggle with sticking to this resolution?

A study published in the journal Environment and Behaviour found that people in cluttered, messy kitchens consumed twice as many calories as those in neat, tidy kitchens. This is thought to be because people feel less in control in a messy environment and pick the easiest option, which is sometimes to pick up the phone and order a takeaway rather than tidying up and cooking a nutritious meal.

So, if you have the best intentions of keeping you clean diet habit keep reading for our best tips to get your kitchen in order.

Tip 1 Do not get overwhelmed. Organising a kitchen can be a mammoth task, if it wasn't we wouldn't put off doing it for so long. It's best to organise 1 area at a time, working in 30 minute segments. To start, grab 4 boxes, 1 will be for anything you want to keep, a second box for things you can donate (to foodbanks and charity shops), thirdly a box for things to bin and finally a box for everything that doesn't belong in the draw or cupboard your tidying. Once you have emptied everything into the boxes you can clean and then put everything back that you want to keep, organising as you go. Remember to bin the things you don't want and put away the items that do not belong. Everything you want to donate should be put aside as hopefully this pile will keep growing as you keep working your way through your kitchen.

Tip 2 Make use of your cabinets. Messy countertops make a kitchen feel cramped and cluttered. Make room by putting away as many appliances and dishes as possible to free up some room.

Tip 3 Don't have endless spares. When we carry out house clearances we are amazed at how many spare things people keep in their kitchens. Endless spare items really do cause most of the issues in kitchens as they take up so much valuable space that could be put to better use. If you are hoarding enough plates, cups and cutlery to cater for 20 people when you are a household of 2, then you could do with donating some to the local charity shop.

Tip 4 How you store your food can save you money. As soon as I started using baskets to store food items together life became so much simpler. Food was no longer shoved to the back of cupboards to be lost for years, everything was easy to find and when I was running low on something it was obvious. You can pick up cheap storage baskets from the Pound shop and group pasta's, rice, baking staples all together. Not only will it look neater, it will be easier to grab a basket and go through it, rather than emptying out a whole cupboard looking for something.

Tip 5 Food Storage Containers. Every kitchen has an area that is overflowing with food storage containers. Our best tip is to check that all the lids match up to a container and bin any spares. Then store all the containers in one another and all the lids together on top of each other to maximise space.

Tip 6 Get serious about how you store your pots and pans. Investing in a £20 pan stand is probably the best money you will ever spend. There is something about not having to hunt for the right pan and matching lid that makes cooking enjoyable. It will make your space feel less cluttered and finding everything easier.

Finally, after you have decluttered and reorganised everything its time to deal with your donation pile. Most charity shops will gladly take cutlery, appliances and pots and pans off your hands and local food banks will appreciate any dry/canned food donations. To find your local food bank click here.

Once everything is tidied and decluttered its time to enjoy your kitchen and get cooking!