• Yorjunk

Tips for having a clear-out this Bank Holiday Weekend.

1) Schedule it

Schedule a day or even better a weekend, like this upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend, that you will have uninterrupted. There is nothing worse than being halfway through organising a room and then having to pop out only to return to a half organised mess! This coming Bank Holiday may be a good opportunity to dedicate a day to decluttering your home.

2) Decide what rooms you are going to tackle

Decluttering can be overwhelming so it's best to pick 1 or 2 rooms to tackle in one go. You can always do more at a later date. Knowing exactly what rooms you are going to sort through will mean you can stay organised and you will have an end goal in sight!

3) Get organised

Before you start figure out a way that you can organise items into 5 boxes– items to keep, items that belong in a different room, items to store, items to donate and items that need to be binned. We find it best to get some large boxes and label them and have them either inside the room you are organising or if there is not enough space just outside the room.

4) Visualise

Decluttering can get messy, the room will look worse before it looks better. Before you start visualise what you want your room to look like. Then keep picturing this as you work through the room, this will keep you going.

5) Enjoy yourself!

Play music, listen to your favourite show or podcast, decluttering doesn’t have to be completely boring! Go through the room, emptying cupboards, going through draws and tidying shelves remembering to use your designated zones as you go.

6) Deciding what to keep

You have to be ruthless when it comes to decluttering but it can be hard. Our best tip is that if you haven't touched the item in the last 12 months you really need to ask yourself if you need to keep it or whether it would be better donated and used by someone who would use it. This is a great tip for clothes, books, toys and kitchen appliances.

7) Finally, once all your hard work is done and your room is organised and looking clutter free you just need to get rid of your donation box and your “to bin” box. This is where Yorjunk can help. We can come and collect what you want removed (we will happily donate your items to charity on your behalf to save you a trip). We load everything ourselves and taken everything in one go. You can book a convenient time slot through our website or call 01603 60 40 11 to chat to the Yorjunk team.

Happy decluttering!