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The 10 reasons you shouldn't book a skip!

Years ago, the only way to get rid of a large amount of household waste was to book yourself a skip, wait for it to be delivered, spend a long, back breaking weekend filling it yourself and then wait around for the skip to finally be collected. Not only this, but there are many hidden costs and issues with hiring a skip that are not clear until you have actually booked one, so we thought we would list out the most common issues people experience when hiring a skip.

10 reasons why you shouldn't book a skip

1. Skips are not so easily to have delivered anymore -With the increase of houses being built closely together, with shared driveways or no driveways at all, skip lorries have difficulty not only getting to your property on tight knitted roads but you often don't have room to have one on your drive, or you have no driveway at all.

2. Permits - If you are not lucky enough to have a driveway you will need to pay for a permit for the skip to be on the road. The permits range from £30 - £70 and take over a week to organise. Also, if you live in a controlled parking zone you will need to apply and pay for a controlled parking zone suspension.

3.No flexibility on size- You basically have to hedge your best on what size skip you THINK you will need, you risk over paying and not filling your skip up entirely or you run out of room and have to wait around for a second skip to arrive.

4. Loading takes longer than you think - Customers always underestimate how much work it is to physically lift everything into a skip, most people will need help to do all the lifting and shifting and it always takes longer than you think!

5. Bulky items - items such as sofas, armchairs, beds will fill the skip quickly leaving little room for anything else.

6. Your neighbours might help themselves - Often neighbours see a skip and think there is no harm in adding a few of their own bits when your not looking. Although this is illegal and is technically fly-tipping, it is very common, especially for a skip that is left on the road. This issue with this is you end up running out of room and paying for someone else's rubbish to be disposed of.

7. Overloading -If something is slightly sticking out too much or the driver believes the skip is overloaded they can refuse to collect the skip and charge you for a wasted journey too!

8. Short on time - Once the skip is booked you need to wait for it to delivered, this could be anything from a couple of days to weeks. Then there is the issue of having the skip collected. We hear all the time skip companies coming early before the skip is fully filled or customers waiting weeks to have the skip taken away so they can have their driveway back.

9. What you can't put into a skip -There is a long list of items that you probably didn't realise cannot go into skips, these items include



❌𝗽𝗮𝗶𝗻𝘁 𝘁𝗶𝗻𝘀,





❌𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗿𝗶𝗰𝗮𝗹𝘀...the list goes on!

10.Damage to your driveway- driveways made with soft tarmac or block paving have the potential to be damaged by skip lorries. The lorries are heavy and when they take away your filled skip, they are even heavier. Skip lorries use stabilisers when they load the skip. These metal legs exert significant pressure on the ground and can dent soft tarmac or break paving stones.

What are the alternatives?

Yorjunk's "Man and Van" service is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of your rubbish. We turn up at a pre-arranged time and load everything for you, whether its junk in your loft or rubbish in the bottom of the garden and then we take it all away to be legally and ethically disposed of.

Our service is usually cheaper than a skip, as you only pay for the rubbish we take away and we are more convenient than waiting around for skips to be delivered and collected, we even do all the loading for you!

What's more, we can take away items that cannot go into skips such as mattresses, fridge/freezers, paint tins, electricals and more!

If you were thinking of booking a skip but have changed your mind give the yorjunk team a call on 01603 60 40 11 or send a few pictures of what you need collecting to our business whatsapp 07388 803 099 or email info@yorjunk.co.uk