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Looking for the Cheapest Skip Hire In Bury St Edmunds?

If you want to know whey skips are so expensive and what the best alternative is, keep reading!

Whilst skips do have there uses, there are many pitfalls that are not always obvious before booking a skip. One of the biggest issues is cost. Skips are not known as being “cheap” and there prices vary depending on your location and which waste disposal company you choose to use.

Fortunately, hiring a skip isn’t the only option when removing large amounts of waste. At Yorjunk, we specialise in providing cost - efficient, environmentally friendly waste removal throughout Bury St Edmunds and the surrounding areas.

Skip Hire Prices in Bury St Edmunds

The average cost of Skip hire in Bury St Edmunds is

4 yard - £200

6 yard - £257

8 yard -£289

What is not included in the price

  • skip permit cost between £66 - £100 depending on who you book with. You need to wait around 7 business days for the permit to be authorised before the skip can be placed on the road.

  • if the skip company do not collect the skip before the permit runs out, you will receive a fine of around £95

Items that cannot go in a skip (for most skip companies)

The following waste types/items are not accepted:

- No batteries.

- No fridges.

- No freezers.

- No tyres.

- No liquids/paints.

- No asbestos.

- No carpets or carpet tiles, underlay, roofing felt, mattresses or loft insulation.

The items listed will occur an additional charge if placed in the skip.

What happens if you overfill a skip?

Skips are often be accidentally overfilled, resulting in additional fees being unexpectedly added to the final price. Often, failure to pay the additional costs results in the skip being left on your property until paid for.

What happens if they cannot collect a skip?

If the skip cannot be delivered or collection as there are issues with access, you will still incur a failed delivery/collection fee. This often happens if the skip is delivered or collected when you are not present to move your car or anything else that may block access.

How Yorjunk's Makes waste collection cheaper

With Yorjunk's Man and Van Rubbish Removal Service, no skips are needed and collections start from as little as £70 for a single item collection . With our man and van service there will be no issues with accessing your waste and no worry about when a filled skip will be collected.

Our clearance team load all the waste for you and can even take items that cannot go into skips such as mattresses, electricals, plasterboard, paints and more!

If you live in Bury St Edmunds or in the surrounding areas and need your waste quickly and sustainably disposed of contact the Yorjunk Team on 01603 60 40 11 or send a WhatsApp to 07933 65 88 11