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How to Stop your Wheelie Bin Smelling Bad This Summer?

There is nothing worse, then stepping outside to enjoy the warm summer air, only to be hit with the smell of a stinky wheelie bin in your garden. Its a problem that a lot of us deal with and think that it is something we have to accept, however with out top tips, your wheelie bin will be smelling like roses in no time!

Move your Bin!

The easiest remedy which can help straight away is keeping your bin in the shade. Bins kept in direct sunlight heat up fast and produce a more stinky smell quicker. You will be amazed at what a bit of shade can do to help prevent the smell.

Air It Out!

Letting the air get to your bin is a must if you want to prevent it smelling badly. The easiest and cheapest option is to let your bin air out once the bin has been emptied. This just means leaving the live of it to let the fresh air in. When all the air is trapped in the bin, bacteria can grow which causes that very recognisable "wheelie bin smell".

Wash It Out!

Another great and easy tip is to wash your bin out with the hose pipe and some everyday detergent to help eliminate the smell.

Natural Remedies!

Another great tip is to sprinkle baking Soda into the bottom of a clean dry bin to help banish the smells. Baking power is an amazing natural deodorizer which will help keep your bin smelling good.

Bag your Rubbish Properly!

Its tempting just to chuck in a few empty containers here and there but this only makes the problem worse. Its best to make sure everything is bagged up properly. Another great tip is to reduce the amount of food waste that goes into your bin by using a food waste bin instead, this really help reduce the stink!