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What do you do with your old batteries?

Lithium ion batteries are suspected to caused 38% of fires at waste treatment plants between April 2019 and March 2020 (Environmental Services Association). This is around 260 fires a year!

Recycle old batteries

How is this happening? Fires are being caused by discarded batteries in household rubbish bins. These are batteries that are in unwanted electronic items such as mobile hones, laptop, motorised toys and more!

These batteries have been nicknamed "Zombie Batteries" as they have a habit of coming back to life when they become hot, squashed, compacted or shredded in the waste treatment plants and causing fires. These fires are not only causing millions pounds worth of damage but endangering workers lives.

What should we be doing with old batteries instead?

Recycling points can be found in most supermarkets, local recycling centres and DIY shops. If you go to www.takecharge.org.uk you can enter in your postcode and find your nearest recycling point.