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How to Get Rid of An Old Sofa?

Did you know we send enough old sofas to landfill every year to fill Wembley Stadium 4 times! And with most sofas lastingly anything from 7 years to 15 years its not always down to the sofa being in bad condition as to why it ends up in landfill, its usually that they have become stained, worn, outdated or no longer fit with the décor.

We think throwing away a sofa should be the absolute last resort and there are plenty of things you can do to your sofa to breath a new lease of light into it. Having it professionally cleaned, reupholstered or even donating it to a local charity are all great ways to avoid throwing your sofa away. But if you do decide to part ways with your sofa you have a couple of options, donate, the local recycling centre of a skip? But which is best?

Can you donate your old sofa to a local furniture charity?

If the sofa is in good condition (no stains, or tears) and has a fire label attached it is worth calling a local furniture charity to see if they would like the item. You may need to pay a collection fee or they maybe able to take the item for free. The British Heart Foundation, Sue Ryder, YMCA and the Reuse Network are all great charities who will accept sofas, with their fire labels still attached, in good condition.

Can you take a sofa to the tip for free?

If you cannot donate your sofa and you have tried to sell it with no luck, you may need to look at other ways of disposing of it. The local recycling centre is a great place to start however its best to speak to them to check that they will accept a sofa and whether there is a charge. Also some centre will not accept trailers or vans so it is worth thinking about how you would transport the sofa too.

Will the council that my old sofa?

Most councils offer a bulky waste collection for a small fee. However, the service comes with it's drawbacks. You need to be prepared to wait a couple of weeks, to sometimes over a month to have the item collected and you get little notice of when you need to have the item outside of your property ready for collection. The other draw back is that many sofas that the local councils take end of in landfills and not properly recycled. Each year, sofas along with mattresses and duvets take up more than 26.2 million cubic metres of England's landfill space according to new research by TFR Group.

Should I get a skip?

If, after ruling out the council, you still need a way to get rid of your old skip, you may think the best solution would be a skip. But in fact, using a skip may be one of the most expensive ways to get rid of an old sofa. Because of their bulky nature, sofas take up a lot of room in a skip, so you most likely would need an 8 yard skip, costing on average around £250. Plus, if you needed a permit for the skip to be on the road, the cost could easily be £300 or more! You would also need to have a way of breaking up the sofa to get it to fit into the skip and then you would have to make sure it doesn't sit over the loading lines, otherwise the skip company may refuse to take it. You may also be waiting around to have a skip delivered and then waiting another week to have it collected again.

What's a quicker and cheaper alternative to getting a skip?

Yorjunk's Man and Van Rubbish Removal Service for sofas is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of an old Sofa and we operate throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. With our service, we load the sofa for you and take it away to be recycled, we do not take waste to landfill. Unlike a skip, there is no waiting around and you only pay for the sofa we take away, no worrying about paying for a half filled skip.

If you have a sofa that you wished to be safely and quickly disposed of, call 01603 60 40 11 for an instant quote of send a pictures along with your postcode to our Business WhatsApp 07388 803 099.