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How to Dispose of Fence Panels the Easy Way?

With social distancing rules now being lifted and finally being able to have friends and family over again, it's time to tidy up the garden and get ready for BBQ season!

An easy way to transform the look and feel of your garden is to get rid of old, rotten and broken fence panels and replace them with new, fresh ones.

But disposing of your fence panels can be an expensive and time consuming task, when done the wrong way! And the last thing you want is a pile of old fence panels left to rot when your trying to enjoy your garden!

The old way to dispose of your fence panels

Garden fence panels can range from 1 foot in height to 6 or 7ft tall and you can have 10 to 30 or even more panels to dispose of!

You may think that you can take the fence panels to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre however, not all recycling centres will except the panels if the wood is treated, painted or varnished, so its best to check! Also, it is not advised to burn fence panels when they are treated as the toxic fumes are then released into the atmosphere.

You could hire a skip but the issue with this is if you only have 30 or so panels than you may pay to have a half empty skip taken away or you may have to spend your weekend cutting down the fence panels to get them to fit into the skip!

The Solution

Yorjunk's Man and Van Rubbish Removal Service is the quickest way to have old fence panels disposed of. Our professional, experienced crew can load all the fence panels into our vehicles for you.

To obtain a free quote simply send pictures of the fence panels you need removed to our business WhatsApp 07388 803 099 or email info@yorjunk.co.uk . We can then provide you with a quote for your collection.

Yorjunk is a fully licenced waste carrier so there is no doubt that your unwanted fence panels are being disposed of legally and responsibly with no chance of it being fly-tipped.

Yorjunk's Rubbish Removal Service has over 50, 5 Star Google reviews, read our customer feedback here

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