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Decluttering to make room for an at Home Gym

Since April 2020, we have carried out more garage clearances than ever before. When asking home owners what their plans for their newly emptied garage were, the most common answer was an "at Home Gym". Since all Gyms closed for most of 2020 more and more people want to have an at home gym and an unused garage is the perfect place.

Interestingly enough, if one of your new year resolutions is to get fit, emptying your garage to make room for some weights could be your perfect answer as having your gym right outside your front door means there's no excuse for not turning up for a workout. Another big bonus is there is no one else hogging the equipment you want and you can workout at any time you want.

So now you have decided to clear your garage to make room for your gym equipment, how do you go about it?

First things first, clear your schedule and set aside an afternoon, day or weekend to clear everything.

Our Top Tips

Start with 4 boxes labelled, "keep", "Bin", "Donate", "Sell". Every time you remove an item from your garage put it into one of the boxes. This will keep you organised, especially if you have to stop your project and restart it on another day.

Parting ways with things can be hard, some object may have sentimental value and some you might be holding on to to one day pass on to family members. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself when was the last time you used the item and secondly how useful would it be to someone else.

Once everything is organised into "Keep, Bin, Donate, Sell" you can start re-organising your garage. If you need to keep some items in your garage along with your gym equipment, its best to use clear storage boxes with lids. This means, you can still see what is stored in them, they are protected against mold and dust and they are stackable so you can maximise your space. Always place the less used items at the bottom of the stack to make the most used items easily available.


There are so many amazing charities that need donations. The British red Cross will happily take donations of large furniture as will Emmaus (https://emmaus.org.uk/). For smaller items charity's such as Cancer Research (see https://shop.cancerresearchuk.org/) or RSPCA (https://shop.rspca.org.uk) will gladly accept donations.


If you have a small amount to Bin/recycle your local recycling centre would be the best place to go. If you have large amount of rubbish to remove you might want to use the services of a waste carrier, such as yorjunk who can load and dispose of everything for you.

Now your space is clear and organised you can get to the fun part of buying your gym equipment. Websites such as https://www.powerhouse-fitness.co.uk/ are great as you can buy everything from flooring and weights to machines and multi-gyms.

If you need help...

Sometimes all of the above is too overwhelming, that's where we can help. We clear out garages for customers all over Norfolk and Suffolk everyday. We do all the heavy lifting and shifting and you can just let us know what you want to keep and what to get rid off. We are usually completed in a couple of hours and work 7 days a week. If you need a quote please call the team on 01603 60 40 11.