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Change Over Day is Coming!

Student Accommodation Clearance by Yorjunk

With the end of the academic year fast approaching we know the headache of changeover day is just about to start.

The amount of waste left behind by students can be overwhelming and needs to be removed quickly to allow for repairs and maintenance on the property to go ahead before viewings and new tenants can come in.

If you’re a landlord or an agent looking after properties then you will know there is a real mix of waste when it comes to clearing out a property. You may need to find a way to dispose of old mattresses, furniture such as wardrobes and sofas, white goods like fridge freezers or tech items such as TV’s and DVD players, you won’t be able to simply hire a skip to dispose of these items due to the prohibited mixing of waste streams.

House clearances carried out through Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge.
Rubbish removal for landlords and property agents throughout Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge

Mattresses, Sofas and Bulky Waste Removal

Mattresses and sofas tend to get the most wear and tear in shared accommodation and will often need replacing by landlords and their agents at the end of the tenancy. These bulky items take up valuable room in the property and usually need to be quickly removed before decorators and workmen come in to take care of sprucing up the place.

Electrical Equipment Disposal

Often Tv’s, monitors, and computers are left behind at the end of the tenancy either because they are now broken or just no longer needed. As these items are classed as electrical waste they need to be specially removed and cannot go into a skip.


White goods such as fridges and freezers, dishwashers and washing machines take a beating when they are used multiple times in shared accommodation and will often need to be replaced at the end of the tenancy. Again, these items cannot be placed in skips and need specialist disposal.

Thinking of hiring a skip?

You may have thought that the best way to get rid of this waste is by hiring a skip, but there are massive draw backs to skip hiring. Firstly, a lot of the waste that you will need to dispose of would not be accepted by the skip companies. Mattresses, appliances and electricals are classed as hazardous waste and are prohibited from being placed in skips.

Student accomodation waste clearances. We can take bulky waste, appliances and electricals.
Bulky waste removal for landlord and property agents

There are always long delays in hiring a skip, first you need to book one, then wait for it to arrive, spend the time filling the skip with the waste from the property and then wait for it to be collected. And having having a skip in the way when you are trying to have repairs carried out to the property is not ideal. Even more so, an unsightly skip sat on the driveway could even put of potential viewings.

This is where Yorjunk can help!

Fast, Professional Rubbish Removal!

With our Man and Van Waste Removal Service there is no booking expensive skips and having to load the waste yourself, instead, our professional and friendly team arrives and loads all the unwanted waste from inside and outside of the property for the landlord. Ideal if there is no room for a skip or you need a quick turnaround to get new tenants in! We can also take items that cannot go in a skip such as mattresses, electricals and appliances.

We can provide before and after pictures/videos, invoices, receipts and a Waste Transfer Note after the collection in case the landlord wishes to dispute the charges and claim them back against the tenant's deposit.

Not only is our service quicker and easier than hiring a skip but on average we are cheaper too!

We are a fully licensed rubbish removal provider, experienced in house and office clearance. Our commitment to customer service is why we have grown to become an established and trusted company within the local community for all types of waste removal.

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