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Before you decide to replace your washing machine, read this...

One of our most popular services is our household appliance collection. We are still surprised to see so many perfectly good household appliances being thrown away because their owners think they need to replace them but in fact they just need a bit of TLC.

Take washing machines for example. So many owners think that because their washing machine has gone a bit "pongy" that they need a new one. But before you decide to get rid of your old washing machine it might be worth reading our top 5 tips on cleaning your machine to see if it can be saved to see another day or even a year!

Top Tips

1) Clean the rubber seal.

The rubber seal is often the culprit for bad smells as mould and bacteria gathers here wash after wash. We recommend checking it every week and giving it a wipe. If you have never cleaned your seal there may be no saving it but you can order a new one (rather than a new machine) for less than £20.

2) Clean the detergent draw.

The detergent draw gets easily blocked up with detergent and fabric conditioner that then traps in mould and odour which leads to the whole machine smelling. The best thing to do is to take the draw out and give it a good scrub and leave it to dry thoroughly before putting it back in.

3) Run a service wash.

Modern washing machines have a programme called a "service wash" that is often overlooked by owners. A service wash is just a very hot cycle, ran while the machine is empty. The hot waste cleans the machine and helps to clear those nasty smells. Most manufactures recommend running a service wash once a month.

4) Use white vinegar.

Vinegar is an amazing deodoriser for dealing with moulding, smelly machines. It is also effective for removing limescale and bacteria. To use, set your machine to the hottest wash and add 2 cups of vinegar to the drum. No need to add anything else. Let the cycle run. Once finished, any lingering smells should have disappeared.

5)Leaving the door open.

The simplest of all tips and yet one of the most effective. Leaving the door of the washing machine open once the machine is unloaded allows air to circulate in the drum and prevents mould and bacteria growing. The same goes for your detergent draw too. Just adding this simple habit means you will never have to deal with a smelly washing machine again.

We hope you find these tips useful to getting a bit more life out of your washing machines. When you do get to the point of needing a new machine, remember you can book Yorjunk to collect your old appliance for as little as £50.

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