Office/Shop Clearance

Is your office or shop cluttered, making it inefficient and difficult to work in? Are you doing an office upgrade and you’re not sure how to get rid of all the old stuff you no longer need? Often customers clearing out offices or shop don't have room for a skip outside let alone the time spare to clear the waste themselves!

The Yorjunk team can take care of it all for you!  We can clear a single office or shop or a whole office building, and dispose of all the contents responsibly and ethically, keeping any disruption to your business as brief as possible.

Your skip hire alternative

We only charge for the items that we load into our vehicles, unlike skip hire, which tends to be charged at a fixed volume for a fixed length of time, whether or not the skip is full or not.


Throwing bulky office furniture (especially desks and cupboards) into a skip is wasteful of space - one skip is quickly filled up! Also, a skip needs to be sited somewhere convenient (not always easy in a city environment) and may require a permit.

We can take away items that cannot go in skips such as fridge/freezers, electrical items and large pieces of furniture that would fill a slip quickly.

If building work is going on, we can remove the building waste including plasterboard and rubble. 

Our Man and Van Rubbish Removal Team, will turn up on the day in a suitable vehicle, which can often be driven into spaces that would be unsuitable for a skip, then load up and go - no permits required.


What's more, with our rubbish removal service, our team does all the loading for you, you will not have to lift a finger while our team takes care of all of the hard work for you!


What we can take

We can remove practically anything that you would normally find in an office or shop environment. The condition of the item doesn't make a difference to whether we will be able to take it away. We take old broken items as well as items that can be reused.


Furniture - desks, cupboards, lockers, office chairs, easy chairs, sofas, tables, book cases...


Electronic equipment - computers, monitors, modems, fax machines, televisions, display boards...


Soft furnishings - carpets, curtains, blinds, cushions...


General waste - paper, glass, plastics, junk and rubbish...


All you need to do is to indicate precisely what it is you need our teams to remove - from a single sofa to an entire room or office building contents - and they will get on with the job.


What we can’t take

Under the terms of our Waste Carrier licence there some substances are prohibited (usually on the grounds of potential health and safety issues).


We can’t remove toxic waste, medical waste (potential bio-hazard), asbestos and asbestos products, flammable substances (e.g. butane and propane canisters) or most chemicals. If you need any pf these substances removed you will need to contact specialist hazardous waste carrier.


Fully Licenced and Insured

We are a fully licenced and insured waste carrier specialist. Before a collection is carried out a copy of our licence along with a copy of our Public Liability Insurance and our Employee Liability Insurance will be emailed to you for your records. This means that in the unlikely event that things go wrong, everyone is covered.


What happens to your waste

Of all the materials and objects that we remove from offices and shops, we are pleased to say that only 0% of them typically will find their way into landfill. All the waste we take away is fed into the appropriate recycling stream, so that the individual materials can be put back into use. This is a major achievement, and one that we are very proud of. Material that cannot be currently recycled is sent to be further treated and used at a local Energy From Waste Facility to be used to power the national grid.



When will the clearance take place?

Our aim to to cause minimal disruption to your business when clearing your waste. Our Man and Van Rubbish Removal Team will work quickly to removal all the waste for you. We are open 7 days a week and are happy to arrive before your business opens or after closing time or weekends if  necessary.

Why use Yorjunk?

Eco Friendly

Fully Licenced & Insured

Free Quotes provided

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