Frequently Asked Questions

What rubbish can you remove from my property? 

  • Bulky waste such as sofas, armchairs, beds, divans, tables, chairs, cupboards, desks 

  • Electrical waste (WEEE) such as lamps, bulbs, microwaves, ovens, cookers, computers, hair dryers, toasters 

  • Hazardous waste such as fluorescent tubes, fridges, freezers, TV’s, monitors 

  • Bin bags, sacks and black bags from homes and businesses 

  • Garden waste such as clippings and garden furniture 

  • Wood, cardboard and any form of packaging 

We cannot remove the following types of waste streams due to health and safety regulations: 

  • Raw food and meat such as category 3 ABP waste 

  • Licensed and unlicensed asbestos 

  • Working around needles and sharps 

  • Chemicals and solvents including most paints 


Where can you remove rubbish from? 

  • We can remove rubbish from indoors (including upstairs) and outside (including gardens).  

We cannot remove rubbish from locations where there is a health and safety risk or a risk of us causing damage. This includes: 

  • Removing waste from attics or lofts, even if boarded 

  • Accessing steep, unstable or damaged steps and staircases 

  • Where there are parking issues such as having to cross a dual carriageway in order to access the waste 


Do I need to prepare my rubbish by putting it in bags or boxes before you arrive? 

No, our job is to make clearing rubbish easy, so you can leave us to do everything.  

Does my waste need to be outside? 

We will collect your rubbish from inside, upstairs, from different rooms, outside - most locations, as long as it is safe to access. If you’re not going to be present waste needs to be left outside or somewhere we can access it. If you’re a landlord we are happy to arrange collection and returning of keys (but this will require an addition cost). 


Does my waste need to be in one place? 

There is no need to put all the rubbish in one location, we are happy to remove from several locations as long as it is made clear what rubbish is to be removed. It can be helpful when the waste is clearly separated or in one place, particularly if someone else is showing us what to remove. 

What are your estimates based on? 

We charge based on the volume of waste we collect, which is estimated and a fixed quote provided before we undertake the work. We have a maximum estimated weight of 100kg per cubic yard (0.83m3), which means heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil could cost more. 

I’m not sure how much waste I have, how can I estimate it? 

Sometimes it can be hard to accurately gauge how much you have to go. We typically give the guide of 2 small domestic washing machines which is the same size as 1 cubic yard (0.83m3). 

However, customers can also email a list of items, a description of the waste or ideally send a photo of the waste. This will allow us to provide a much more accurate estimate of the collection size you require before booking. 


How much does my rubbish weigh? 

Bulky waste is typically around 50-60kg’s per cubic yard whilst heavy and dense waste could weigh as much as 1 tonne for a single cubic yard. For this reason we will always ask whether you have any heavy and dense waste such as bricks, rubble and soil. As a guide bricks weigh around 2kg each, a rubble sack usually weighs around 20-30kg and a tonne bag full of heavy and dense waste can be anywhere from 350kg - 1000kg.  
As long as you don’t have anything dramatically heavy in weight it will not be an issue and not usually something to consider from a cost perspective.  


My collection is a little different, can you provide me a quote? 

Yes, we are happy to provide quotes. We have an online quote submission form on our website or you can email pictures to or send via WhatsApp to 07933 65 88 11.

How can I book a collection? 

Bookings can be made online 24/7 or over the telephone, 7 days a week. 


How do I pay? 

You can pay our drivers after the collection cash, or pay by card, all our drivers carry card readers.  

What if there is more or less rubbish on the day? 

We only charge for what we have removed. If there is extra waste we will re-quote and take an extra payment or we can collect just what was originally booked in. We’re usually able to collect more rubbish on the day so if you do have some more items to add we will still get it all cleared. 

Do you offer time slots? 

We do offer all day 2 hour time slots from 8 am to 8 pm.  

Can I change my booking? 

Bookings can be changed and updated up to 24 hours before the collection is due.  You can call or email us to make a change. We can usually accommodate most changes. 


Can I cancel my booking? 

Bookings can usually be cancelled up until 24 hours before the collection is due and a refund given. 


Are time slots guaranteed? 

We arrive on time in almost all cases, but there can be exceptions, for example if the previous job has a lot more waste than expected. We will do our best to keep you informed and you will receive an alert when we are on the way. 


How do I know you are on the way? 

When we are on the way you will receive a text alert with our estimated arrival time. The text alert will contain details of the Driver and the vehicle attending.  Typically, this will give you at least 30 minutes notice.  
We can also give you a call when we are on the way or if you need more notice, we can usually accommodate this. 


Do I need to be in to have my rubbish cleared? 

You don’t need to be in, in order for us to collect your rubbish. However, for our Flexible Collections you must have prepaid for your waste or be immediately contactable. We also recommend that you are contactable in case we have a query.  
If you are not going to be in it is important the waste is very clearly identifiable and where possible we would recommend a photo is sent to us in advance, which we make available to our removal team on the day.  
Please remember if we cannot contact you for payment or if the scope of the collection is not clear, the removal of your rubbish may not take place and extra charges may apply if we need to re-attend.


Do you have your own collection team? 

Yes, we do not subcontract out our work. You book with us and it is always Yorjunk that arrives to carry out the collection. 

Parking charges 

The customer is responsible for ensuring we have somewhere safe and reasonable to park. It does not have to be off road but if we do need to park on the road and have to pay for parking we will ask the customer to cover this. 



Extra charges due to the location of waste 

There are not usually any extra charges for collecting your waste due to the location. There are however some exceptions which may increase the cost, including: 

  • Parking restrictions preventing easy access to the waste and the team having to park much further away 

  • High rise building with a lift unavailable for removal on larger collections 

  • High security access control preventing easy access through the building 

  • Waste located in a field or some way away from the road 


Assessing the waste on arrival 

For our Flexible Collections we will assess the waste we are collecting and then confirm the final costs. We can clear as much or as little waste as you like, so if there is extra waste we will quote the difference and if you are happy we will crack on with the clearance. 
We will nearly always confirm a final price up front, as long as we can reasonably assess the load. This means if you have a big pile of waste we will quote based off what we can see, but if we then uncover a large pile of bricks for example, we may have to revise the cost. However, nearly every collection we undertake is finalised before we start work, so this is not usually an issue. 


What if there is a lot more waste on arrival? 

We can usually clear as much rubbish as you like, so as long as you are satisfied with the cost this won’t be a problem. We’re happy to clear as much waste as you like or if you need time to think about the extra that’s fine too.